About Us

Tourism for Resilient Society and Environmental Sustainability (TREES) is a non-governmental organization established in 2021 A.D. TREES work with various level of stakeholders and partners including travelers to transform the impact of tourism in nature, culture, and livelihood of local people.  We are committed to responsible tourism principles and promote sustainable practices by providing sustainable solutions in the community development, environment protection, livelihood upliftment of locals, and mitigating climate impacts.


TREES mission is to minimize the carbon footprint from travelers and service providers for building a resilient society and safe tourist destination.



  • To encourage and promote environment-friendly practices  of sustainable tourism from travelers and service providers to minimize the ecological footprint
  • To make resilient society through local economy enhancing the tourism industry
  • To collaborate with stakeholders to develop sustainable tourism-based management plans for ecologically sensitive areas where tourism will have an impact on the natural, social and cultural environment.
  • To support biodiversity conservation, and supporting communities to preserve their cultures, traditions, and livelihoods.

Support us

TREES has been supporting local communities of various tourism destinations of Nepal by providing livelihood alternatives resulting in an increase in income.