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Tourism for Resilient Society and Environmental Sustainability (TREES) is a non-governmental organization established in 2021 A.D. TREES work with various level of stakeholders and partners including travelers to transform the impact of tourism in nature, culture, and livelihood of local people. We are committed to responsible tourism principles and promote sustainable practices by providing sustainable solutions in the community development, environment protection, livelihood upliftment of locals, and mitigating climate impacts.

Sustainable Management

We believe that conscious consumers should eat for a healthier life to protect both the people and the environment.

Socio-economic Impacts

We do not use any form of chemical pesticide for our crops to protect the environment and consumers from toxins.

Cultural Heritage

For ensuring the safety of the environment and consumers, we do not use GMO for food products.

Environmental Sustainability

Chemical preservatives are harmful for health and for the environment. All of our products are thus preservatives free.

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Rupak Koirala

Country Director

Prakriti Kafle

Program Officer

Rajesh Bhandari

Executive Director

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